Saturday, March 25, 2017


Description: A strange combination of near-human intellect and deep-rooted animalistic sensibility, dasts are rare wanderers, often hiding themselves far from where anyone would expect, across various types of land spaces.

Many strange historical events are linked with the wisdom of dasts. As such, certain mythological figures, such as Mobion (who has a constellation named after him), are claimed to have been dasts, although many historians speculate that these were just men -- likely druids -- wearing dast hides and horns on their helmets.

The most well-documented dast is a mischievous fiend, named Drallegos, currently imprisoned at the Lossan Center for Beast Containment. Most of what we know of dasts comes from interactions with this particular specimen. From it, we know dasts can speak, think critically, and have desires of other sentient beings.

Classification: chimerical
Form Category: Manform
SN Code: i01017301002
Height: 6-13 feet, big variance
Location found: all lands
Intelligence level: High
Temperament: Cautious
Weight: 400 - 600 lbs
Noteable individuals: Mobion, Drallegos
Language: same as men
Likes: seclusion, bright colors, mirrors
Lifespan: 100- 125 years
Strengths: strong back legs, surprisingly quick reflexes
Weaknesses: beak is easily broken/damaged
Dislikes: cats
Reaches adulthood: 9 years
Inspired by:  hummingbirds and horned ones myths
Social order: N/A
Eats: seeds, flowers, worms, insects, fish, and snakes
Reproduces: unknown
Allies: birds
Rivals: cats
Related to: n/a

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
20 +2 per level
Willpower: 14 Endurance: 14 Paranormality: 18 Luck: 11
Plates on the back and front of arms absorb 10 +2 per level points of damage
Unarmed Attack: claw swipe does 2d6 damage rolled against endurance

Horn attack does 4d6 points of damage rolled against paranormality, but also does 1d6 damage to self
Specialty: Bird call - calls down birds from nearby trees to distract enemies for 1d6 turns, rolled against paranormality EXP gained for defeat: 5

Loot: 2 dast horns, 1 pound of dast feathers, 18 dast plates
Imaginary points: 1