Friday, December 30, 2016


Description: Tall, herding creatures, malkolope are peaceful but defensive. It will allow a known predator through its herd, however, any violence, even on other lesser species, will not be tolerated.

The horns are not used for combat, however. Its back legs dish out the damage when needed. The antlers are tools of communication and intimidation. They generate vibrations from them that are generally only heard by other herds, since the only real threat to a malkolope is other malkolopes. Vibrations are warnings, as well as mental attacks. The sounds can be made to be unbearable for others in their species, and often a herd will form a wall, antlers all side-by-side, and then issue these ultra-pitched sounds toward rival herds.
Classification: giant
Form Category: Herder
SN Code: i00137103001
Height: 18-25 feet
Location found: grasslands, barrens
Intelligence level: Low
Temperament: Cautious
Weight: 2500 - 3000 lbs
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: ultra-pitched vibrations
Likes: rain
Lifespan:25- 30 years
Strengths: strong back legs, vibration based attack
Weaknesses: weak front legs
Dislikes: physical violence
Reaches adulthood: 3 years
Inspired by:  giraffes
Social order: herds
Eats: dirt, grass, bushes, bark
Reproduces: every 3 years
Allies: None
Rivals: other malkolope herds
Related to: n/a

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
60 +3 per level
Willpower: 17 Endurance: 15 Paranormality:17 Luck: 12
Unarmed Attack: back leg kick does 10d6 rolled against endurance Specialty: vibration attack paralyzes foes for 1d6 turns rolled against paranormality EXP gained for defeat: 5

Loot: 5 lbs of vib horn
Imaginary points: 1