Sunday, June 28, 2015



 Description: Even as thousands of years have passed since the extinction of their ancient makers, Keyturnes maintain their original function as if nothing has happened. These are the robots who keep winding up all the others. They maintain the ancient technologies, as they were designed to, even though the ancient peoples who created them have gone.  

They live within the underground ruins that have survived the Interment. Other robots, free from their masters and wild, still venture to seek these ancient ones. Keyturnes can do more than wind up keys. They use their steam and tools to apply oils, repair, and clean other robots, often forgetting to maintain themselves (which is not good when there isn’t another Keyturne around to do it for them).

The wonder of the Keyturnes is their ability to wind themselves. It is for this reason that they have kept active for so many years without coming to a stop.

They have a high intellect, for AI, and often want nothing more than to please humans they meet. However, they understand destruction and will attempt to kill trespassers who they deem a threat.

For thousands of years they’ve lived, and with an expanding and adapting AI, these robots are also a source of wisdom, although communicating with them is a challenge as they speak in code.

Finding them is also a challenge, as they are one of the most rare encounters in all the world, mostly because they exist so far underground in dangerous ruins.
Classification: Unliving
Form Category: Robot
SN Code: -00557107004
Height: 4 foot tall to the top of the head, but 20 feet tall from a fully extended back arm
Location found:  underground ruins of the past civilizations
Intelligence level: artificial intelligence, high
Temperament: cautious
Weight: 500 lbs
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: Ticanic
Likes: being useful and pleasing humans
depends on care, rusting of metal, can be eternal
Strengths: some that are fully operational are strong and unyielding 
Weaknesses (emotional, physical, mental): some are rusted to near total destruction
Dislikes: clutter, destruction against other robots
Reaches adulthood: N/A
Inspired by: I was playing Skyrim, in the Dwemer ruins, and I wondered who wound up all the clockwork devices and who maintained all the steam machines. 
Social order: loner, but is sought by other robots
Eats: needs to be wound to stay active
Reproduces: N/A
Allies: Most other tican robots will defend keyturnes to the end
Related to: other robot kind

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
  300 HP + 20 per level
Willpower: 18
Endurance: 20 -1 for each rusted patch
Paranormality: 1
Luck: 10
Metal plating has a chance to deflect ranged weapons roll vs. endurance
If all three of a Keyturnes arms are severed, then they cannot and will not attack further. The steam comes from their arms as well.

Unarmed Attack: Robot arm strike does 4d6 rolled vs. willpower

Weapons: Steam emitter on arms does 2d6 for 3 turns, rolled vs. endurance (this attack may be used during an arm strike)

Specialty: player must roll vs. luck to distinguish it among the pinecones

EXP gained for defeat: 2

Loot: 1 fruitrat meat, if eaten it causes severe vomiting for 1d6 days
Imaginary points: 0