Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Description: This beetle's tail end is a golden spiral with a color-changing center. The color can be any hue of the rainbow, and what it changes to depends on such factors as the weather, the time of day, the current stress level of the bug, hunger, and what other creatures are nearby.

Some believe that if placed in the palm of the hand, the khromteller's color can determine your fortune. Psychics often keep them as a part of their service.

Basic fortunes:
Red - Pain
Blue - Happiness
Yellow - Trials
Pink - Love
Purple - Sadness, broken hearts
Orange - Wealth
Green - Change

However, the khromteller's end is hardly ever a solid color. It generally changes to a striped pattern, sometimes with dots of different here or there. Psychics believe they are better able to read how the combinations reveal a person's life story. For example, the picture at the head of this post would tell of a great love which will bring much happiness.

Hunters brought these creatures to near extinction when they began removing the bug from the gold spiral and bending it into a ring to sell. These were wildly popular, as the gold is often real gold (or other rare mineral) and the color-changing end will continue to work as long as it is dipped in water once and a while.

The life of the wild khromteller is generally a slow one. They live deep within caverns, generally where they can consume minerals that form their spirals and armor. They are highly rare, and two of the species are not very likely to meet.
Classification: Fast Normal
Form Category: Bug
SN Code: 101268300001
Height: 2 inches
Location found: Caverns
Intelligence level: Survival Based
Temperament: Passive
Weight: 2.10 ounces
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: N/A
Likes: N/A
Lifespan: 40 years
Strengths: Scares predators with color-changing end and squeaking noises
Weaknesses (emotional, physical, mental): brittle underbelly
Dislikes: N/A
Reaches adulthood: 4 weeks
Inspired by: scarabs
Social order: N/A
Eats: Minerals from the soil, bat dung
Reproduces: When two meet, which isn't often
Allies: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Related to: Psychics
Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
5 HP + 1 per level
Willpower: 3 Endurance: 13 Paranormality: 18 Luck: 10
Shell takes 3 HP
Unarmed Attack: N/A

Weapons: N/A
Specialty: Squeaking noise scares enemies into losing immediate sight of the khromteller, rolls against paranormality to hit
EXP gained for defeat: 1

Loot: A khromteller ring
Imaginary points: 1