Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Shuch Coral

Description: Shuch is a type of red coral. Although classified in this Atlas as a plant (mainly for the fact that it stays planted in one spot), shuch are actually a colony of aquatic invertebrates that create a hard shell, which forms a reef. Shuch eats algae, however it supplements its diet with the slime trails of squidlike creatures that often live in the reefs, such as kudanites or gnil.

Shuch is often considered a pest, because the creatures grow and expand like a weed. Shuch not only creates tower structures above it, but digs deep into the soil below. What grows in the dirt is not roots, however, it is a mineral as hard as the shell above. These root-like structures give the shuch the ability to grow to enormous proportions, reaching skyscraper sizes in the deepest depths of the ocean. Some shuch has even been known to grow so high that it pokes out of the waters below!

However, what shuch has in growth, it lacks in defenses. Unlike some coral, shuch does not sting or any way to attack. It is completely passive. The species relies on fast-breeding to continue.

Men have found that the tough shell of the coral can be made into a material that is almost as hard as metal. By boiling the coral into acids from the Scaldflesh Swamp and then hammering on it, shuch can become the hot red coralite. Coralite is often used to make weapons, tools, chain, bars, and furniture.
Classification: Fast Breeder
Form Category: Plant
SN Code: 400648411003
Height: small as a pebble to high as a skyscraper
Location found: oceans
Intelligence level: None
Temperament: Passive
Weight: as much as a pebble to as much as a skyscraper lbs
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: N/A
Likes: N/A
Lifespan: 4 years per individual shuch
Strengths: coral shell
Weaknesses (emotional, physical, mental): completely passive
Dislikes: N/A
Reaches adulthood: 2 days
Inspired by: coral
Social order: structured coral reefs
Eats: algae, squidlike slime trails
Reproduces: Once a week
Allies: Kudanites, Gnil
Rivals: n/a
Related to: N/A
Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
50 HP on any one part of the shell, 1 HP to each individual shuch
Willpower: 0 Endurance: 1 Paranormality: 1 Luck: 1
See HP for shell

Some parts of the structure have barbs, which deals pain, but not HP damage
Unarmed Attack: N/A

Weapons: N/A
Specialty: N/A
EXP gained for defeat: 0

Loot: As many Clumps of raw Shuch Coral as is wanted
Imaginary points: 0