Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Description: The Arbuscula is a sentient tree creature. It has four spiderlike legs and a great maw of a mouth. Some of the leaves are light-sensitive, which give the arbuscula a sense of sight. Arbuscula come in a variety of appearances and several different tree-breeds have been discovered.

Although they are very hostile, they will often sit quietly and wait until their enemies leave. Any small-sized prey, however, will be killed if the risk is low enough.

Arbuscula are highly intelligent, near human, in fact. However, their preference for the wild has left them unlearned in the ways of most customarily sentient societies.
Classification: Normal
Form Category: Plant
SN Code: 900616300001
Height: 10-100 foot
Location found: Forests
Intelligence level: High
Temperament: Hostile
Weight: 2-14 tons
Noteable individuals: The Looming
Language: Rootspree, but can also learn the common language
Likes: owlies (because they eat rodents that try to fester in their roots), deeply wooded areas
Lifespan: lives for 50-1000 years
Strengths: very strong, doesn't feel pain, armored bark sides
Weaknesses: fire, slow moving
Dislikes: city sounds such as groups of people talking or machines of any sort, mice and rats, rodents
Reaches adulthood: around it's 50th year
Inspired by: a day when I almost was killed by a tree
Social order: creates clearings where they camp together
Eats: large mammals
Reproduces: releases seeds once a year
Allies: Owlies
Rivals: Other sentient life
Related to: n/a

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
10d6 +2d6 per level
Willpower: 17 Endurance: 16 Paranormality: 12 Luck: 5
Bark absorbs 60% of all physical attacks
Unarmed Attack: leg jut does 2d6 +10 rolled against willpower

bite does 4d6 rolled against endurance
Specialty: Vine Grab: can attempt to lash out and grab with vines, causing a turn loss to the target, rolled against willpower to hit and target rolls against willpower to dodge, lasts 1d6 turns EXP gained for defeat: 15+1d6

Loot: 50+3d6 arbuscula eyeleaves
Imaginary points: 3