Sunday, July 13, 2014


Description: Cauli are another creature, like Sneidlatter, that bear the anti-gravity puffball organs called buoyaffs. The puffballs contain a magnetic mineral that push away from the center of the planet, which allows them to defy the force keeping them attached to the ground.

Although the buoyaffs do not completely counter the weight, the Cauli is so fluffed out that it will fly away when the wind picks up if it is not grabbing something. When it is riding the wind, it will curl into a ball. It can minimally steer its flightpath with its tiny tail. 
Classification: Normal
Form Category: Rodent
SN Code: 801138300003
Height: 1/4th foot
Location found: anywhere the wind takes them
Intelligence level: Low
Temperament: Passive
Weight:1/16th lb
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: None
Likes: The sound of electricity generators
Lifespan: 2-3 years
Strengths: n/a
Weaknesses (emotional, physical, mental): Hollow bones make it weak to physical blows
Dislikes: Rain
Reaches adulthood: 1 month
Inspired by: tumbleweeds, cauliflower
Social order: n/a
Eats: bamboo when it can get it, but mostly it just takes nutrients from the soil
Reproduces: can reproduce twice a month
Allies: n/a
Related to: None

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
1 +1 per level
Willpower: 2 Endurance: 4 Paranormality:10 Luck: 12

Unarmed Attack: n/a

Weapons: N/A
Specialty:  can escape if windy, roll vs. luck
EXP gained for defeat: 1

Loot: 1 bouyoff
Imaginary points: 1