Sunday, June 1, 2014


Description: Mothroven choose the form they want, so you might see them as as men with two arms and two legs, or as a jumbled mess of limbs and features. Although many people believe that they are ghosts or spirits, Mothroven are not capable of the normal ghost tropes. For example, they cannot walk through walls... they can, however, usually fit under them. Their form-changing, nearly-weightless bodies are flexible enough to fit into the smallest of cracks.

Many seekers of power will attempt to capture a mothroven and use them to extort unreality and magic. These people are called mothwings, and they often carve squash to trap mothroven inside. If this happens, a mothroven is then considered a Ghost Lantern, which is a different form:





If the Ghost Lantern's pumpkin shell is broken, it reverts back into a mothroven
Classification: Anti
Form Category: Ghostly
SN Code: -00717308003
Height: 2-10 feet
Location found: Woodlands
Intelligence level: High
Temperament: Cautious
Weight: 0 lbs
Noteable individuals: Ol'Jack
Language: Whisper language of the Undergloom
Likes: being left alone
Lifespan: endlessly long
Strengths: Can hide within objects and fit through the smallest of openings
Weaknesses: Catches fire easily
Dislikes: being trapped
Reaches adulthood: n/a, if the wisperman is a child, it will remain a child
Inspired by: Halloween lore, slenderman myths, mothmen, wisps from fantastic lore
Social order: Is often with a mothwing, not by choice
Eats: n/a
Reproduces: never
Allies: mothwing, although it is usually unwilling
Rivals: N/A
Related to: Ghost Lanterns, mothroven

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
1 +5 per level
Willpower: 5 Endurance: 5 Paranormality: 18 Luck: 13
Unarmed Attack: Cold grasp - Does 1d6 +1 per level -2 per roll, rolled against endurance Specialty: Any mothwing  nearby gains +3 to paranormality EXP gained for defeat: 5

Loot: mothroven honey
Imaginary points: 2