Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Description: The Umi is the smallest form of a chain of ostrich-like bird-lizards. During the life of the young Umi, its brain divides, it grows two new eyes, and the bones in its neck and skull duplicate. When an Umi sheds its skin, that means that its head is ready to split into two, and from them on the two-headed creature is referred to as a Miras.

However, while it is still an Umi, it is considered one of the most useful farm animals. It can be saddled an ridden, it's naturally docile, it produces eggs often that can be eaten, and it doesn't eat all that much itself. However, once it takes its two-headed form, the size (which is nearly doubled) and temperament usually become unbearable for a farmer to keep. Often, they are eaten before getting to Miras form, but some farmers that grow to love their Umies release them into the mountains (although this practice is considered illegal).

Some people speculate that it could keep dividing heads and growing forever, but nobody dares to spend the money or food to find out how large they can get. What we do know is that:

Umi becomes a Miras with two heads,
Miras becomes a Chandra with four heads,
and Chandra becomes a Kornisa with eight.
Classification: Normal
Form Category: Birdkind
SN Code: 200838400002
Height: 6 feet
Location found: Island native, but moved into plains
Intelligence level: low
Temperament: passive
Weight: 400-600 lbs
Noteable individuals: Goldscales
Language: N/A
Lifespan: lives for 30 years
Strengths: very fast at running, can glide long distances
Weaknesses: does not do well in cold climate or snowy seasons, easily freezes to death
Dislikes: cold
Reaches adulthood: 4 years
Inspired by: I originally was playing around with using a cockatrice-like creature, but I instead wanted to differentiate this as something more realistic
Social order: tend to have an alpha in any herd
Eats: lobsters, shellfish, crabs, starfish, frogs, mice, cats, dogs, goats
Reproduces: once a year using eggs and nests, tends to mate for life
Allies: humans raise them
Rivals: Chx hate them
Related to: myras, chandra, kornisa

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
25 +1d6+2 per level
Willpower: 17 Endurance: 14 Paranormality: 2 Luck: 11
Unarmed Attack: Bite deals 3d6 +5 per level, rolled vs. willpower

Claws: 1d6 +1d6 per level, rolls vs. endurance

Tail blade: 1d6+15 per level, rolls vs. luck
Specialty: Can run away from most battles, roll vs. Willpower EXP gained for defeat: 5

Loot: 1 umi feathers for crafting

1 lobster-husk pellet
Imaginary points: 0