Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Description: With its bony topside, the Kolofish does not get eaten without a very careful predator. The eyes are lit up, as are the four orbs along its body, however the orbs are not eyes. The brightness of the orbs signifies its health, and females tend to breed with males of higher light production
Classification: Normal
Form Category: Fish
SN Code: 400438400002
Height: 1 feet
Location found: Deep oceans, coral reefs
Intelligence level: Low
Temperament: Passive
Weight: 25 lbs
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: N/A
Likes: caves
Lifespan: 3 years
Strengths: Bone structure on back protects it, lights scare away predators
Weaknesses: Lights on eyes and body give its position away
Dislikes: bigger beasts
Reaches adulthood: three months
Inspired by: bony cavefish
Social order: Solitary, highly territorial of others
Eats: shuch
Reproduces: once a year
Allies: None
Rivals: N/A
Related to: None

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
2 +1 per level
Willpower: 8 Endurance: 8 Paranormality: 3 Luck: 14

Unarmed Attack: N/A

Specialty: If physically touched, there roll a 1d20 vs Willpower, or else take 3d6 damage EXP gained for defeat: 1

Loot: Crafting Bones - 4
Imaginary points: 0