Friday, November 8, 2013

This is a work in progress

If you're reading this, you've stumbled upon my newest project.

If you're wondering what this is, click "What is this?" up at the top.

It currently has only one entry. I've been working on the structure and formatting for this site, and it's going to take a little while to perfect. Hopefully, it'll turn into something I've been dreaming about--a catalogue of the weird creatures I've made, with high quality artwork, links around the web where else these are in use, tons of notes about the way they live, and even potential RPG stats if you'd like to use them in your table-top games.

But, I just started this the other day, and so don't expect everything to work yet. lol. Anyway, thanks for being cool enough to spot this new project, but it's not even near a state I'd call complete!

But do check out this first entry:

That is a taste of what I'm planning for this!


Reptilian is a group of creatures that generally have scales and tails

You might think of lizards, crocodiles, bearded dragons, komoto dragons, chameleons, or geckos.


Munlo - (added 18 February 2014) - A commonly eaten lizard with two legs and sharp fangs.

Leptyl - (added 6 December 2015) - A leaping creature with massive claws.

Brittelwhip - (added 28 April 2017) - A two legged desert lizard


Untold is a category of creatures that are not classifiable into any of the other groups.

You might think of bacteria, coral, barnacles, mold, or sea cucumbers.

 Bewildered Vat - (added 5 March 2014) - A nasty acidic beast with a hardened bowl to hold it. 

Wealdeye - (added 10 October 2015) - A slug with camouflage like tree bark

CfKr9 Animaliaphage (Virus) - (added SOON!) - A four-legged beast that replicates itself within animal hosts.


Armored is a group of beasts that are covered in a layer of hardened skin or bone for self-defense.

You might think of armadillos, turtles, pangolin, triceratops, or rhinosauruses.


Duneminder - (added 16 Sep 2014) - A partially submerged in sand creature that has a bioluminescent tail


Gnil - (added 17 July 2015) - A shellfish that exudes and propeller to swim through the water.

Tomboldon - (added 30 January 2016) - A creature that rolls down the sides of mountains to breed.

Othren - (added 30 October 2016) - A turtle-like giant with a cultivated garden on its back.  


Hunter is a group of beasts that stalk, kill, and eat other creatures.

You might think of wolves, tigers, panthers, foxes, ocelots, and coyotes.


Walking Mouth - (added 29 Nov 2013) - A giant toothy mouth with legs.

Balistbis - (added 25 April 2015) - Island-dominating, scaly beast with a vicious bite.

Skyclimber - (added 30 May 2016) - Fire-bolt shooting, ringed sky climber.


Ghostly is a group of creatures that generally are made of gas, smoke, or ectoplasm and are either otherworldly spirits or undead.

You might think of classic fantasy creatures such as the White Woman, genies, living fog, or the Boogie Man.


Ghost Lantern - (9 March 2014) - A spirit that lives within a carved out pumpkin.

Mothroven - (1 June 2014) - A form-changing ghostlike creature that wanders the woods.

Crepuscula - (20 January 2017) - A beam of light often thought of as a lost spirit.


Finned is a group of aquatic creatures with fins, scales, and gills.

You might think of guppies, sharks, goldfish, eels, or marlins.


Knar'dnl - (added 26 February 2017) - A pudgy water scavenger often eaten by predators.

Kolofish - (added 3 December 2013) - A bony fish that produces lights from its eyes.


Latcher - (added 30 November 2014) - A parasitic creature that swims through the air and attaches itself to other animals.

Xich's Sting - (added SOON!) - An upright fish that grows up with a shell.