Thursday, November 7, 2013


Robotic is a group for the mechanical creatures of this world. They are usually built by one of the sentient races, such as humans or phyrians. Many are clockwork designed, and are built with springs, pistons, and gears. Some are pure electronic, using holographic displays or liquid crystal.

You might think of Bender, Konky, Siri, or Megatron.


Windfrog - (added 26 Jan 2014) - A frog on wheels that can hold poison darts in its mouth.

Keyturne - (added 28 June 2015) - A deep-dwelling robot that winds up other robots.

Vectormen - (added 30 May 2017) - A hologram projecting bot with spiderlike legs.


Squidlike is a group of creatures with tentacles, soft skin, and are aquatic.

You might think of octopi, cuttlefish, sea horses, squid, or jellyfish.


Kudanite - (added 10 Nov 2013) - A highly-intelligent tentacled being.

Eth - (added 22 March 2015) - A coral climbing creature with the ability to fly

Kudapawn - (added 25 Sept 2016) - A shorter and bumpier kudanite breed.

Parser - (added 28 June 2017) - A playful land squid that makes a good pet.


Manform is a classification of creatures that stand on two legs and have hands for gripping objects.

You might think of humans, gorillas, monkeys, and neanderthals.


Greyl - (added 1 August 2014) - A gray creature that some people believed to be an alien.

Aelf - (added 30 November 2015) - A small parasite that attaches itself to reptilian creatures

Oxy - (added 31 March 2016) - A gem-eyed monster with advanced athletic ability

Allospri - (added 28 August 2016) - A gem-eyed monster with advanced athletic ability

Dast - (added 25 March 2017) - A horned monster with high intellect


Bug is a group of creatures that generally are small and simple, with exoskeletons and numerous appendages.

You might think of spiders, fleas, ticks, flies, moths, scorpions, and centipedes.


Szip - (added 13 May 2014) - A very fast bug that moves on two legs and drinks blood.

Khromteller - (added 7 January 2015) - A beetle with a golden band that is known for predicting the future. 

Gobokob - (added 28 February 2016) - A flying bug with a elastic tail.


Birdkind is a group of feathered and beaked creatures that generally lay eggs and fly.

You might think of canaries, parrots, ostriches, penguins, and emus.


Umi - (added 23 April 2014) - A commonly ridden birdlizard that can shed its skin and grow more heads. 

Billowbird - (added 29 September 2015) - A heat-producing blue bird that lives in grassy lands.

Sorfujin - (added 30 April 2016) - A creature that pushes air through his body to propel itself

Crows - (added 19 June 2016) - A legless bird with glowing eyes


Plant is a group of lifeforms that often make their own food by way of soil and sunlight. They are often rooted to one spot. Plant life often have leaves, bark, flowers, vines, and roots.

You might think of venus flytraps, coral, tumbleweeds, trees, algae, and corn.


Arbuscula - (added 22 Oct 2014) - A treelike creature with spiderlike legs.

Shuch Coral - (added 31 Dec 2014) - A red colony of invertebrates that form into reefs.

Dermaloid - (added 23 July 2016) - A beautiful weed that can grow on anything.

Gollo - (added 15 July 2017) - A genetic mashup of beast and plant.


Rodent is a group of critters that are generally very small and fragile. They usually have fur and regularly eat vegetation as opposed to meat. They are often preyed upon by other, bigger creatures.

You might think of rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, squirrels, and bunny rabbits.


Cauli - (added 13 July 2014) - A ball of fluff that escapes predators by being swept away in the wind.

Fruitrat - (added 28 May 2015) - A rodent that hangs from a tree and eats parasites.

Meex - (added 29 August 2015) - A slippery little animal that is extremely flexible.