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As a kid, I always loved flipping through books that have encyclopedic lists of monsters. Doing that always sparked my imagination. When I began writing fantasy, I kept my own mini-wiki that held all of the mythology I was creating. As sort of a fun side project, I decided to share my notes on a blog for others to see.

Here, my notes will be shortened and shined, my drawings will become high-quality artwork, and my RPG system that I'm working on will be included for anyone that wants it. Everything on this site will be of my own making. The drawings are done with ink pens on paper and then digitally colored in. The words and RPG notes are all my own.

This will be a spoiler-free site. Any important creature or monster in my novel will not be shown here. This will be a place for background creatures that may have been mentioned, but aren't really explored in my books thoroughly. I want you to learn about the major creations while reading the actual text of my novel. That's where I want you to discover the best of the best, the most interesting creatures and monsters I have to offer.

This is a place for the smaller ones. The one-liners. The farm animals. The zoo.

As a fantasy creator, I am trying hard to create new stuff. I am purposefully not using dragons, orcs, zombies, elves, or any other common fantastical creature. Instead, I'm making up creatures like kudanites, bewildered vats, and walking mouths--creatures that I've never seen done before because they came directly from my brain. I want my fantasy to have an unexplored, unique feel, so I hope you appreciate that.

So, that's what this is, and it's a work in progress. This blog is what I'll work on when I need a break from actually writing my novels... so it will be slow going. At this point, I plan on adding one creature a month. I will also be adding an RPG system page, but not until way later.

One last thing: An atlas is usually a term for a book of maps, but there's a reason I chose that term for this site. You will see why I've dubbed it an altas after I've filled this site in more. 


Herder is a group of creatures that generally have four legs, fur or fluff, and travel in packs.

You might think of deer, antelope, zebra, horses, cows, or elk.


Sneidlatter - (added 6 November 2013) - A common farm animal in Olymn comparable to pigs.

Horse - (added 22 February 2015) - A nearly extinct animal, sometimes seen in the Exes


Malkolope - (added 30 December 2016) - A tall horned creature that produces vibrations



Description: A common farm animal in Olymn. Sneidlatters are eaten as often as pigs, and many would compare the taste to pork. The puffballs stringing up from its body are actually antigravity-organs called buoyaffs, which are used to keep it from falling over while it navigates the harsh terrain.
Classification: Normal
Form Category: Herder
SN Code: 800138400001
Height: 3.5 feet
Location found: Olymn native: Forests, wooded plains
Intelligence level: Low
Temperament: Passive
Weight: 250 lbs
Noteable individuals: N/A
Language: None
Likes: Sunny days
Lifespan: 4 years
Strengths: thick skin on legs and head, a good sense of balance
Weaknesses (emotional, physical, mental): Hollow bones make it weak to physical blows
Dislikes: Sudden noises
Reaches adulthood: 2 months
Inspired by: Elks
Social order: travels in small herds of 10-15. Group term is "flock"
Eats: Cottonpuffs, bark from trees, pineneedles
Reproduces: four times a year
Allies: Birds riders warn them of oncoming hunters
Rivals: Cambreas
Related to: None

Unraveler RPG
Base Hit-Points:
10 +3 per level

Willpower: 5 Endurance: 10 Paranormality: 5 Luck: 5
Head - Thick skin – AP: 3 +1 per level

Legs – Thick skin – AP: 3 +1 per level

Unarmed Attack: Bite
Roll vs. Endurance
1d6 damage +1 per level

Weapons: N/A
Specialty: +5 to Rolls vs. Stagger

EXP gained for defeat: 1

Loot: 1 woolskin
5 bouyoffs
10 servings of meat
Imaginary points: N/A